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 Small-sided Referee Re-registration

To re-register as a Small-sided Referee please sign in to your account on Ref Centre and select ‘Registration’ > ‘Register Now’.
Registration and re-registration for Small-sided Referees is free but must be completed before HCFC can assign you a game. Please ensure that your contact information is correct on the Ref. Centre site.
If you have forgotten your password, select ‘forgot password?’ in the red box at the top right of the page and reset your password. Check your email for the password reset message from Ref. Centre. Then try logging in again.

Entry Level & District Referee Refresher Courses

  • Referee Refresher Clinics
  • Prerequisite: Previous Referee Certification
  • Clinic length: 3 hours.
  • Clinic fee: $60.00* (plus $4.25 processing fee)

*With the goal of maintaining a strong pool of referees, HCFC will pay the clinic fee for those who intend to officiate for the club in the coming season; please contact the club office to obtain a fee waiver code to use when registering.

  • Registration: Sign into Ref Centre and select ‘Registration’ > ‘Refresher Courses’ > ‘Van Island Upper’. Password reset is at the top right of the page.

Returning referees must attend a BC Soccer Referee Refresher Clinic in order to officiate in the current season. HCFC hosts two clinics annually for returning referees, one at the beginning, and one at the end of the month of September. Registration with BC Soccer is free and occurs automatically for the following season upon completion of the clinic.
Refresher clinics are designed to update returning referees with any changes to the Laws of the Game or to interpretations of the laws. The clinic content is developed by the BC Soccer Referee Education Program and launched in August of each year.
A referee fitness shuttle test (beep test) is conducted at the beginning of all refresher clinics. For Youth and District referees there is no fitness requirement that must be met, however, a minimum standard of 6 on the shuttle test is highly recommended. For referees wishing to advance on the referee pathway, please refer to the Referee Rules and Regulations page (select Fitness Programs and Resources) for further information about fitness requirements.

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