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Unless fields are closed by the City or Club, fields remain at the discretion of the coaches and officials, keeping in mind that player safety and maintaining the integrity of the field are paramount in any decision to play (or not). Please be in contact with fellow coaches. 

 Beban Park
User Discretion
 Bowen West
User Discretion
 CaledoniaUser Discretion
 Departure Bay
User Discretion
 DeverillUser Discretion
 GrovelandUser Discretion
 Harewood Sherry
User Discretion
 Harry Wipper
User Discretion
 MansfieldUser Discretion
 Merle Logan
 Pleasant Valley City
User Discretion
 Pleasant Valley School
User Discretion
 Second Artificial Turf User Discretion
 SerauxmanUser Discretion
 MarinerUser Discretion


For the status of Oceanside fields please see the top right of their website:
Oceanside Youth Soccer Website

For the status of Gabriola fields, please be in touch with coaches on Gabriola or check Gabriola Soccer Club's website

For the status of Ladysmith fields, please visit Mid Isle Soccer Club's website

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Harbour City FC
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F) 250-585-1519

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Sunday: Closed

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