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HCFC AGM May 28th

HCFC AGM May 28th 6:30pm at the Beban Social Centre.

Greetings HCFC parents and coaches,

Listed below are the positions up for election this year and the intentions of the current board members. In short, we are losing one board member, Andrew Francis (while we are sad to see him go, he is keen to stay involved as a committee volunteer, so all is not lost), but all other directors with terms ending are interested in letting their names stand for re-election. The treasurer, Sarah Nickolet, is interested in stepping down as treasurer and putting her name forward for the Health & Safety position. With a strong background in Health Care, sounds like a great opportunity for the board.

Have a look at the list and the areas of focus. Let Joel, the club administrator ( know if you have an interest in the role of treasurer or any other position, as all available positions are open for interested members to put their names forward.

The updated financial statements from the 2016/2017 fiscal year can be seen by clicking here.

All the best and hope to see you at the AGM,

Jason Coates
HCFC President

2017 / 2018 HCFC Board Positions Update and Areas of Focus
Annual General Meeting: May 28, 2017

In order to add some clarity to the current needs of the HCFC Board, the list below outlines the positions up for election, positions currently in term, candidates who have expressed interest and areas of focus as planned by the current Board.

Members with interest in a specific position up for election are encouraged to contact Joel Butler, the club administrator, for more information.
Up for Election
President - 2 year term
Jason Coates, the current president, will let his name stand for re-election
Focus - Coordinate all duties of the Board, committees, staff; and shall be the spokesperson for the Club. Also currently serves on the VIPL steering committee

Treasurer - 1 year term
No current expressions of interest
Sarah Nickolet, the current Treasurer, will step down and put her name forward for the Health & Safety position
Focus - Support the Club Administrator and the Club Accountant in the oversight and management of Club finances. Most day-to-day functions are performed by the administrator. Primary focus is on ensuring regular reporting to the board, preparing the annual BC Community Gaming Grant application and report, and working with the president and administrator to prepare the annual budget.

Equipment - 2 year term
Todd Moore, the current equipment director, will let his name stand for re-election.
Focus - Regular and ongoing oversight of the condition of all field equipment (goals & nets, etc.), tents, flags, the golf cart and other items. Support the technical staff and administrator in the management of all player related equipment and uniforms. Intense period of activity during pre and early season.

Mini Coordinator - 2 year term
Michael Brown, the current mini coordinator, will let his name stand for re-election
Focus on Recreational soccer, tier III soccer and the general soccer experience

Health & Safety - 2 year term
Sarah Nickolet will resign as treasurer and put her name forward for nomination
Focus on Health, Safety & Risk Management

Capital Projects (Registrar) - 2 year term
Michael Blumentrath, the current capital projects / registrar, will let his name stand for re-election
Leads field & facilities development projects, including acting as primary liaison with the City of Nanaimo and other related agencies

Positions Currently in Term
Vice President - 1 year remaining
Mike Wassermann
Focus - Discipline & Conflict Resolution Committee Chair, Governance

Secretary - 1 year remaining
Cindy Cooper
Focus - Sits as a member of the Discipline and Conflict Resolution Committee and will be the lead of the BC Soccer Club Charter process and play a role in initiatives relating to communications and sponsorship.

Volunteer Coordinator - 1 year remaining
Jessica Kirby
Focus - Communications, volunteers, volunteer appreciation and special events

Youth Coordinator - 1 year remaining
Gunnar Myhrer
Focus - Recreational soccer, the soccer experience, scholarships

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