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AGM Notice and Expression of Interest

Harbour City FC would like to announce that their 2016 Annual General Meeting will be taking place at the Beban Social Centre on Wednesday May 25th at 6:00 pm.

Please consider running for a Board position!  This year, the Election will determine the President, Vice President, Treasurer and three Director positions.  We have posted an “Expression of Interest” on our website and request interested candidates to complete this form. 

Board of Directors Expression of Interest Form

Once submitted, candidates will have their bio posted on the website.  In addition, there will still be an opportunity to submit your name for election at the AGM at the beginning of the meeting.

Every applicant brings a special skill set to the Board.  We are pleased that the next Board will benefit from this diversity of skill regardless of who is elected.  Please review the bios on the website.  We applaud all applicants for their courage and leadership in coming forward.  If you stand for election, and are not successful this time, we hope that you consider the position again next year.  As well, we hope that all nominees consider helping with a volunteer position on a committee regardless if they win a Board position or not.  Our strength comes from the energy of many, and the more parents and families get involved, the more our children will benefit!

Our Financial Statements will be available on the website once we are provided with the completed financial review from the accountants.  Please review these statements and as necessary, please print copies if you need them for the AGM.  We will have a digital copy on display, but in the interest of a “green” AGM, printed copies will not be available         

AGM Agenda

i.              Roll Call
ii.            Request for Nominations
iii.           Approval of the Agenda
iv.           Minutes of Previous Annual General Meeting
v.            President's Report – Bobbie Taylor
vi.           Treasurer's Report and Budget Approval– Jason Coates
vii.          Technical Director’s Report – Wayne (Wanners) Evans
viii.        Election of Officers and Directors
ix.           Adjournment

Voting will be by secret ballot.  All positions will be listed on the ballot.  There will be room to add names to the ballot, as necessary.  Executive and Board positions will be awarded to the member with the greatest number of votes.  Members will be asked to vote for a President and up to four Directors.

According to our Constitution, eligibility for voting at Annual General Meeting is stated as follows:

a) Each adult player, as defined by the age of majority, shall have one (1)vote;
b) One parent or legal guardian of a minor aged player(s) shall have one (1) vote;
c) Each Director of the Board of Directors of the Club shall have one (1)vote;
d) Registered Volunteer Head Coach; and
e) No Member shall have more than one (1) vote.

Please support your club and the members running for positions – come to this year’s AGM!

HCFC Financial Statements For The Year Ending March 31 2016

2015 Annual General Meeting Minutes 

Members that have confirmed their interest in running for a position

HCFC Expression of Interest Gunnar Myhrer

HCFC Expression of Interest Jessica Kirby

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